A SAMPLE OF AMERICAN MUSCLE: The Sherwood Classics Collection

American muscle cars represent an iconic chapter in American automotive history, capturing the essence of raw power and nostalgia. Born in the mid-20th century, they emerged as a symbol of freedom and rebellion, embodying the pursuit of speed and dominance on the open road.  These cars epitomized “muscle” in the automotive world, with their high-displacement engines producing thunderous horsepower. They sparked fierce rivalries and fueled the imaginations of gearheads and enthusiasts alike. Despite evolving fuel efficiency and environmental concerns, the allure of American muscle endures, as modern incarnations combine power with advanced technology, proving that the spirit of muscle cars remains indomitable in the hearts of many.

The Sherwood Classics Collection boasts a quintet of exceptional American muscle cars, highlighting the epitome of automotive power. All five are offered with No Reserve at the inaugural 2023 New Orleans Auction, scheduled to take place from September 28 to 30 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

Among the remarkable offerings is a 1965 Shelby GT350 custom fastback, a tribute to the legendary Shelby-built race cars. This vehicle showcases a Wimbledon White exterior adorned with striking Guardsman Blue racing stripes. It boasts a GT350R body conversion using original parts sourced directly from Shelby American more than three decades ago and, to add a touch of authenticity, it proudly bears the signature of the late Carroll Shelby.

Beneath the hood, the GT350 packs a punch with its 289ci A-code engine featuring a Ford Motorsport cam, high-rise aluminum intake, Holley carburetor and Shelby Tri-Y headers. Power is seamlessly channeled through a TREMEC 5-speed manual transmission connected to an aluminum driveshaft and on to a Ford 9-inch rear end, which is equipped with an Auburn LSD and Richmond 3.50 gears for an exhilarating driving experience.

The Sherwood Classics Collection also includes four notable classics from the 1969 model year. These include a formidable Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 SCJ Drag Pack, an elegant Oldsmobile 442 convertible, a sporty Chevrolet Nova and a meticulously crafted Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 convertible re-creation.

The 1969 Ford Mustang 428 SCJ Drag Pack stands out as one of only 34 Mach 1 428 Super Cobra Jet Drag Pack 4.30 Traction-Lok-axle cars ever produced. It boasts a potent matching-numbers R-code 428ci Super Cobra Jet engine, seamlessly mated to a Toploader 4-speed transmission. Unique to this specimen is the Drag Pack, complemented by an aftermarket air-conditioning system. Inside, the cabin is appointed with black knit-vinyl bucket seats, a comprehensive instrumentation panel and a Hurst shifter. Completing the package are the authentic chrome steel wheels and Goodyear Polyglas tires, ensuring an authentic and thrilling driving experience.

The Oldsmobile 442 convertible, powered by its original 400ci Rocket V8 engine, boasts authentication from GM Canada Vintage Vehicle Services, cementing its genuine heritage. The Rocket 400 is a marvel of engineering, characterized by its highly efficient wedge-head design, featuring a standard stroke and under-square bore configuration, which results in an impressive 325 horsepower. When you engage the throttle, the car’s substantial QUADRAJet 4-barrel carburetor expertly blends fuel from new stainless fuel lines with air drawn through the original air cleaner, channeling this potent mixture through the correct cast-iron intake manifolds. This 442 comes with a comprehensive document trail, spanning from its factory Build Sheet all the way to its recent refreshing, ensuring its historical significance and meticulous care are preserved for generations to come.

The 1969 Chevrolet Nova commands attention with its original, high-performance pedigree. Under the hood, it houses the factory-installed solid-lifter L78 375hp 396ci V8 engine, paired with the correct Muncie M-21 4-speed transmission and a fitting 12-bolt posi-traction rear axle. Equipped with front disc brakes and vacuum power brakes, this Nova delivers both power and control. The car’s interior is adorned with factory tach and console gauges, offering a complete driving experience. The front bucket seats enhance comfort and style. The exterior boasts a straight, rust-free body, resplendent in its factory Dusk Blue finish. Authenticity is further highlighted by the correct SS wheels and red line tires, completing the classic look of this iconic Chevrolet Nova.

The 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS convertible re-creation packs a punch with its 396ci big-block engine, showcasing gleaming valve covers and a matching air cleaner, seamlessly mated to a 4-speed transmission. The exterior is adorned with distinctive features, including a dual-power dome hood, SS badging, wide exhaust tips, SS factory wheels and shining chrome bumpers. The roof adds a touch of elegance when raised, and it seamlessly transforms into a similar style when lowered to reveal the sleek black upholstery.

Each of these iconic vehicles has left an indelible mark on American automotive history, sparking rivalries and captivating enthusiasts for decades. Despite evolving automotive trends, the allure of American muscle persists, blending raw power with modern technology.

The Sherwood Classics Collection proudly showcases five exceptional American muscle cars, each representing the pinnacle of automotive performance. Register to bid today for a chance to own a piece of automotive history.

The Sherwood Classics Collection proudly showcases five exceptional American muscle cars, each representing the pinnacle of automotive performance. Register to bid today for a chance to own a piece of automotive history.